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Empire Dress to T-Shirt Recon

October 24, 2009

I took out one of my favorite dresses a few days ago to discover that some point last year I had managed to practically cover it with a mysterious brown stain. I didn’t want to just throw the dress away, the print is so cute! But the stain wouldn’t come out. Thankfully the stain was conveniently located in the middle of the dress and, after some brainstorming, I decided to turn the dress into a T-shirt. You can follow these instructions if you have a similar problem, or if one of your dresses has become too short for you liking but you’d like to keep it alive.
What You’ll Need:
-sewing machine or needle and thread

Here’s the dress I started with:

First, cut the dress into three pieces. Cut the top of the dress off right under the bust line (illustrated here clearly by the black ribbon that goes around it). Then cut out the middle section to fit (or to remove the stain).

Now cut the bottom piece down to size. Because it was originally fitted to your hips it will be wider than the bust line. Lay the middle piece on top of the bottom piece and line pins along the edges of the middle piece. Cut off the excess, turn inside and sew the sides together.

Next turn the top piece inside out and pin the new bottom piece along the edges. Sew together. And voila, a new shirt!

Originally written June 28, 2008

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