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Handmade Spa

October 24, 2009
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You’ve probably heard it before; it’s easy to whip up your very own spa concoctions with ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen!
Here are some of my favorites:

Oatmeal Scrub (used for hands and feet)

2 tbsp oatmeal
1.5 tsp lemon juice
1tsp olive oil

Add oatmeal to .25 cup of water and let sit ten minutes until soft. Add lemon juice and olive oil to oatmeal and mix well.
This exfoliates, softens and invigorates the hands and feet. Scrub them with this mixture as part of a manicure and pedicure to feel completely pampered!

Oatmeal Facial

.5 cup oatmeal
1tbsp honey
1 tsp sugar
.25 cup milk

Mix dry ingredients together, pour in the honey and then gradually add the milk. Refrigerate for five minutes.
This is not intended to be a mask like I had originally thought but instead is used as mostly a scrub. It felt very refreshing, although a bit odd to be rubbing breakfast on my face. I ended up only using a few fingerfuls, so I may or may not have just eaten the rest. Delicious!

Lemon Body Scrub

1 cup Dead Sea salts
1 cup sugar
1 cup whole wheat flour
.3 cup olive oil
2 drops lemon essential oil or 2 tbsp lemon zest

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and apply to dampened skin.
This rejuvenating scrub may take an extra trip to the supermarket, but it’s well worth the effort.

Originally written June 27, 2008

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