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A Model on a Magazine Cover?

October 26, 2009

The highly anticipated May cover of Vogue that actually has -gasp!- models on it has leaked and I have to say that it is an incredible disappointment.

First of all, the design is terrible. I can’t help but compare it to the last cover they did like this where they profiled who they predicted to be the next big things, which actually looked like a photo you’d find in a fashion spread…not like the America’s Next Top Model image where each eliminated model fades out from. And the shot itself is simply lackluster. I can’t imagine what an outsider of the fashion world must think when they look and this, knowing they’re supposed to be seeing the biggest faces of the moment. All of the girls’ expressions look like the photographer told them to be ready on 3 and then took the picture on 2.

Secondly, I’m pretty sure the post-production editor of this image was completely wasted while working on this. I was shocked that they had left out Caroline Trentini, who has jumped in clothes in front of a plain background in pretty much every issue of Vogue for the past year, until I realized oh, there she is on the bottom right, barely looking like herself. And it wasn’t until I read the names listed below it that I realized that the girl third from the right in the top row was supposed to be Jourdan Dunn, Photoshopped to unrecognition.

Thirdly, I can’t wrap my head around their choices of who to put on the cover. Raquel Zimmerman (second from the right, top row) makes complete sense, as well as Caroline Trentini and Jourdan Dunn once you realize they’re there. They’re the models I actually see being used time and time again, but then why are they tucked away in the foldout and not on the actual cover? Instead we find Natalia Vodianova front and center, who has been around for years and whose career I consider waning. And where are the, perhaps, most popular supermodels today, whose names might actually be known by people who don’t follow fashion as closely, like Agyness Deyn, Jessica Stam and Lily Cole? Where’s Chanel Iman, Coco Rocha and Sasha Pivovarova? If these are supposed to be the top models of the moment, then why don’t I recognize any of these other girls? Natasha Poly (top right) and Lara Stone (center, bottom row) look and sound vaguely familiar but if they’re not in the lexicon, then what are they doing there?

I was so looking forward to this image because, as I think many people were, I had hope that this would be one last hurray for the decidedly tumbling reign of American Vogue. But, sadly, it was just yet another disappointment.

Originally written April 14, 2009

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