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Dior Does it Again

October 26, 2009

I am going absolutely gaga over Dior’s couture show from the weekend. Dior was the first label to get me interested in high fashion back in the day and now, after an incredibly disappointing year in fashion in 2008, is the label to get me excited again. I’m loving Galliano’s throwback to the New Look. I think that women are really craving glamour and femininity lately (I know I can’t be the only one ridiculously over the 80s boxy silhouettes) and what defined glamour and feminity more than that perfectly sculpted hourglass frame of the 50s? While the silhouettes mimic the originals pretty much to the T, I love how he modernized the look by playing with fabrics (how does he make silk so structural?), colors (fuschia? really?) and sheerness (but that’s Galliano for you.) And those hats! Oh, those hats! They make me as excited as the veils! The makeup! The shoes! The gloves! I loved everything. He’s finally giving us a fantasy as oppsed to last years’ shows that absolutely bored me to tears. And I loved his presentation, which made me feel like I was peeking in on a lovely garden party rather than at just another catwalk. My one critique? There were some pretty hideous princess gowns thrown in there that seemed completely arbitrary and uncharacteristic. Other than that, superb!

Originally written July 6, 2009

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