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Dressing For A Summer Internship

October 26, 2009

So, I snagged myself a summer internship at my favorite magazine and it’s now near enough in the future for me to start thinking about the ever-so-important question of “but what do I wear?”

I think a take on the following four kinds of outfits is enough to get everyone through the summer.

1. The Suit

Intern professional

Since an internship is the first step into the career world, it’s time to take on the suit. Contrary to what is so often seen on the streets, a suit does not have to be boxy and ill-fitting. There are tons of young, fitting styles available (especially in H&M). I like to keep the suit itself fairly simple, this Vivian Westwood blazer is the epitome of feminine work-wear, and then make the outfit pop with statement making shirts, shoes and accessories.

2. The Dress

Intern dress

An important concept to master is the ability for an outfit to transfer from day to night. Pair a dress with a bold print and appropriate cut with simple, elegant accessories. You won’t look like you’re in last-night’s clothes and you’ll stand out around the office. Of course, a carry-all tote that can match with anything in your closet is a must for running around on errands.

3. The Skirt

Intern skirt

A clean, simple shirt-and-skirt combo is a classic route to office dressing. This outfit is easy and fun. White tees are a staple to match with skirts or suits. I just hope that skirt is long enough to be appropriate!

4. The Casual Look

Intern casual

Based on what internship you have, casual dressing is a must. But, even if you’re working in a really casual environment it’s important to always look put together (think of it as a three-month long interview). Jeans should be fitting and fully in tact. Dark, slim jeans are a no-brainer. Match them with interesting graphic tees or girlier options and then pile on the fun accessories. Case in point: that awesome octopus ring and adorable doggy bag.

Originally written March 25, 2009

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