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In More Sex and the City News…

October 26, 2009

Apparently, beloved costume director, Patricia Field, is threatening to back out of styling the Sex and the City sequel over a fight with Sarah Jessica Parker over “creative differences.”

SJP has a vision of turning Carrie into a “recessionista” in tune with the economic climate and Patricia Field says she won’t let reality cramp her style.

And, really, I have to agree with Miz Fields. Wholeheartedly. Since when have we expected reality from SATC? We all sure as hell understood that we had to suspend disbelief just a tad to accept that Carrie owns a closet full of couture on a freelance writer’s budget. The outrageous fashion is at least half the fun of watching the show and perhaps the biggest selling point of the movie. What would SATC be without Patricia Fields? Nothing!

Not that I don’t respect SJP’s fashion sense, but I would hate to see the result of her carrying that burden on her back. And I do also respect her desire to be more sensitive to the rest of us civilian’s economic plight, but come on. We’re going to this movie for an escape, in the highest sense of the word. I already consider Carrie’s character the closest thing you can get to a fashionable recessionista in the fantasy land of TV, what with her profinity for mixing high end with low end. Let’s leave it at that. If you want to throw it a couple of lowkey J.Crew outfits and follow in Michelle Obama’s wake, go ahead. But we need that crazy fashion for Sex and the City to be Sex and the City. Taking it away would be like relocating to L.A. And it’s impossible to ignore that it’s impossible to achieve without Patricia Field’s signature wackiness.

(Photo courtesy of The Fashion Time)

Originally written June 24, 2009

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