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Inaugural Ball Takes a Tip From 16 Year Olds

October 26, 2009

My prom was a few years too early for this to regulate my dress choices, but lately there has been a trend for high schools to create a Facebook group months before a big dance (namely Prom) for girls to post photos of the dresses they bought (or want to buy) so that no one ends up wearing the same dress.

I thought it was a pretty good idea (I did, of course, walk into prom to find another girl was wearing the same dress, thankfully in a different color), although it did take away the excitement of the unveiling of your dress (and the judgment of others’) as you arrived.

Well, apparently a similar system, not on Facebook unfortunately, has been put into place to register inaugural ball gowns to avoid shame and embarrassment for all those politician’s wives. They post a detailed description of the dress, including the label, length, material, color and any other outstanding characteristics, and then can upload a photo to ensure against confusion.

According to the Star-Telegram:

Registered dresses are mostly ankle length, many with plunging necklines. Labels range from an ankle-length blue dress by Banana Republic to a scoop-neck, to-the-floor ivory gown by Halston. Shades of purple, orange and red seem to outnumber the old classic, black.

Wow, sounds like an exciting bunch.

Originally written January 2, 2009

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