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Model Citizens

October 26, 2009

I came of fashion age past the era of the Supermodel. I knew the names; Christy, Naomi, Cindy, Brooke, but they were of a bygone time. When I was looking around for inspiration all I could get my hands on were Victoria’s Secret angels and on-again-off-again Kate Moss. Now I flip through my magazines and I actually recognize faces, I can name names. The supermodel is back, just in time!
These are a few of my favorite faces, in no particular order:

1. Agyness Deyn : I was reluctant to latch on to the Agy following at first. I was tired of her playing the punky supermodel card and every time she’d pop up in an ad I’d roll my eyes thinking, “ok, she’s quirky, we get it.” But somewhere along the line my mind started to change. I’d tilt my head looking at her and catch myself thinking, “hey, she’s kind of cool…” and before I knew it I was hooked (of course this happened when the backlash began). She’s interesting and, yes, different, which makes you want to look at her in a picture and seek her out to see what she’s wearing or doing. And isn’t that what a supermodel is supposed to be all about?

2. Chanel Iman: I’m going to be catty and start with the negative; I think Chanel Iman is waay too skinny. But the power of that face is undeniable. She has that aggravating ability to be at once strikingly gorgeous and irresistibly adorable. The thing is though, and I don’t want to get too political here, I so often see her obviously played up to look like Naomi or Iman or even Tyra and it’s frustrating. It seems like every time there’s a “token black supermodel” they just want her to be the “next other black supermodel” and I think it’s about time that we have a black supermodel who is an entity of her own.

3. Gemma Ward: Gemma (we’re on a first name basis now) was one of the first girls I started to recognize. At times she looks a bit too alien or a bit too Olsen but her bit of strangeness, I think, is what makes her such an intriguing model. Her eyes draw you straight to her, no matter how many models she’s shooting with, and you stay there. And she’s not a twig! She actually looks, gasp, healthy and beautiful at the same time!


4. Lily Cole: I. love. Lily. Cole. She is one of the few models out there who doesn’t look like just a mannequin. I know that there’s a lot of acting involved in modeling but she just seems like she’s freaking awesome and I want to go wreak havoc all over New York with her. In her pictures she always looks a bit spunky and mischievous and even when attempting seriousness it seems a wee tongue-in-cheek. Finally, a model that looks like she’s having fun making millions getting her picture taken! And yet again she actually has curves, hurray!


5. Sasha Pivovarova: I don’t think Sasha’ look is all that unique. We’ve seen it before; blond, lanky, reminiscent of Heroine-chic. But, again, she actually brings some life to her photos, some humor. I’ve seen pictures of her backstage at shows and she seems to be a fun, silly girl. Occasionally she resembles Gemma Ward a bit too much, in fact I didn’t even know that I was admiring a second girl for awhile until I did some research awhile back, hence why I couldn’t leave her out of this list if Gemma was on it…and my comment about how her look is nothing new.



Originally written August 28, 2008

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