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Say What?

October 26, 2009

Behold: the Dita, created by Cesare Paciotti, named after Dita Von Teese.

First of all, this shoe is atrocious. It looks like a five-year-old took all of her favorite things (sequins and rhinestones and sparkles, oh my!) and barfed it onto a dominatrix’s closet (zippers and platform and chains…oh…my…). Honestly, who would wear this? What would you wear it with? Why does this shoe exist at all?

But its hideousness isn’t its only offense. As a great admirer of Ms. Von Teese’s style (when’s she wearing clothes, that is) I cringe at the fact that this was created in her name. Isn’t designing a piece for a muse supposed to reflect their style and character? What about Dita screams Gothic trash? Her look is classic, sexy, sassy, sophisticated, glamorous. To me, the only designer who could pull off a shoe in her name is Louboutin.

Sigh that’s better.

Originally written March 4, 2009

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