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Style Inspiration: Drew Barrymore In and Out of Grey Gardens

October 26, 2009

2009 is proving to be the year of the fashion movie.

The HBO movie, Grey Gardens premiered last weekend after months of buzz within the industry. Fashionistas have long been inspired by the eccentric style of Little Edie Beale after the 1973 documentary came out, exploring the lives of her and her mother who never left their home at Grey Gardens. While the documentary certainly gave a sense of their characters, the movie appears to detail their socialite lifestyle before they, well, lost it, which was always something I wanted to know more of. But while the story and the acting look marvelous, what’s been really catching everyone’s eye, of course, is the fashion. The costume director, Catherine Marie Thomas, has been acclaimed for her seamless transition from 1920s to 1970s fashion, as well as paying strict attention to detail in bringing the Beales’ style to the screen.

The trailer and the following stills are a testament to this:

A delightful surprise that has come with the movie is watching Drew Barrymore clearly taking style cues from her role on the red carpet. Her outfit to the New York City premiere of the movie was absolutely breathtaking, one of the best looks I’ve ever seen.

Her L.A look was wonderful as well.

Despite her gigs with beauty campaigns, Drew has been fading fast from the fashion spotlight. I’m glad to see her back on top where she belongs.

Originally written April 22, 2009

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