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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parassus

October 26, 2009

I’m not a huge fan of fantasy. Every now and then, I’ll dabble (especially in a film like last summer’s Stardust), but I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parassus, and if you read on, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess why.

I can’t really tell what the movie is about, exactly, but this is what I can gather. Doctor Parassus, played by Christopher Plummer, struck a deal with the devil to be immortal. Now 1,000 years old, he leads a traveling theater troupe (that includes, Verne Troyer, aka Mini Me), where he controls guests’ imaginations through what seemingly amounts to a drug-free acid trip. But, trouble brews when the devil, Mr. Nick (played by Tom Waits), comes to collect on one of their deals where he was promised Parassus’ first born, (played by my model favorite, Lily Cole,) when they turn 16. This is where things get extra confusing. Parassus embarks on this plot to save his daughter, that somehow involves traveling through parallel universes (I think) to find a man who can seduce what IMDB calls “the first five souls,” promising his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man who helps to save her. He is accompanied by an outsider named Tony, who was originally played by Heath Ledger, but his death halfway through production forced them to get creative. Throughout the film, Tony transforms into four different versions of himself, and they just happen to be played by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Ferrel. Hello.

So, really, this incredible cast in reason enough to go see this pretty bizarre looking movie, but the design is an added bonus. It looks like quite the trip, even if you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Check out the trailer, below:

Originally written August 12, 2009

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