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We Are Numbers

October 26, 2009


I have just been informed of an interesting new phenomenon in DIY fashion culture.

The project is called “We Are Numbers” and it consists of custom-made T-shirts (by Number One) that boast a number as shown in the photo.

It’s a commentary on the modern age which, according to them, still shuns individualism and independent creative thought. They are particularly targeting fashion and its trend-centric market.
It’s a cool idea, but…isn’t this starting a trend? Let’s face it, people won’t go rushing to buy their Number T-shirt (especially at 25 euros which roughly translates to $40 USD) to support the social commentary behind the project. They want a piece of the pie, something unique but cool because they’re part of a member’s only group that has some kind of edgy significance. Especially since Number One encourages those who receive their T-shirts to send in a picture or You Tube video to his website (and the first 1000 will be in a special book!)

Despite the slight hypocrisy of the project it is a pretty cool idea, both in the social commentary and edgy member’s only group aspect. If I had the resources at the moment, perhaps I’d be a cool kid too. If you want to check them out (and see the photos and videos that have been sent in) their website From the pictures it looks like they’re only around number 50, so hop on the bandwagon quickly!

Originally written July 13, 2008


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