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Public Art in Boston

December 5, 2009

Those of you familiar with the Harvard Ave area in Boston probably think of its charming aesthetic as being more along the lines of cigarette butts, shattered glass and littered Solo cups than, you know, art. But if you look closely (maybe even in the daylight, sober), you’ll start to notice that there are public murals practically on every other building. It’s one of my favorite things about the neighborhood. These are just a few of them, the ones I think are the best.

These hot air balloons are actually on Glenville Ave and go on for about a block.

On the corner of Glenville and Harvard

A close up

Heading towards Brookline.

This is part of a gas station. A gas station!

A close up.

Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner; always a welcome sight. (I wanted to get a close up of this one too, but it's right by a playground and I felt awkward taking pictures when children were around.)

That’s what I love about Boston. There is so much beauty in the places you least expect it.

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