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First Impressions of Zac Posen for Target

January 15, 2010

Maybe it’s just because I’m still riding the high of what I considered to be an extremely successful Rodarte line, I have to say that I’m left a bit unmoved by my first look at the Zac Posen collection for Target (in stores April 25th). My main issue, really, is the price. I consider Posen to be on the same level of popularity as prestige as the previous GO International designers, especially in the eyes of the Target consumer, yet his collection is mostly falling in the $50-$100 range while others stayed in the $30-$80 area. Take this dress, for example:

I think it’s pretty, but it’s $75 and I think it’s comparable to my Rodarte dress:that I got for $45. And there just aren’t many wow pieces here. My two favorite things are this polka dot jacket:

and this tuxedo jacket:

I can’t tell if those pants are his too, but if so then I wouldn’t mind getting the whole suit. But, among the odd gold lame items and half-hearted attempts to present something resembling high end (see:this dress, which has some potential but for $80 and no prom to go to, I’ll probably never know)

what he has to offer is kind of boring, and I could probably find similar items in the other section of Target for half as much. Like this $50 plain black cardigan:

or this sweater dress:

Not to mention that none of these pieces really scream Zac Posen to me. When I think Posen, I think of tailored edge, intricate color blocking, unique patterns and prints. This collection just seems so tame to me. The closest piece is this raincoat:

which at least reminded me a bit of this coat from his Spring collection, and if I could stand yellow at all would probably be my pick to buy:

Also, the piping in this dress seemed like a vague nod to the way he pieces different fabrics together for a dress…only instead it was just all in the same twee fabric…

Ah well, I guess they can’t all be winners. If you’d like to judge the collection for yourself, Fashionista has the full lookbook, but I can’t say that I’m thrilled. Here’s hoping that the next collaborator, Jean Paul Gaultier (yeah, you read that right!) brings something better to the table.

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  1. January 19, 2010 8:32 pm

    An sich ne gute Sache, ich frag mich nur, ob das auch dauerhaft brauchbar bleibt.

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