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First Impressions: Gaultier for Target

January 19, 2010

As you know, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Zac Posen’s collection for Target, but was anxiously awaiting non-blurry-cell-phone-pictures of Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs. Well, I got a look at things over at Refinery 29 and things are looking up.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a sucker for anything French, but this collection spoke so much more to me and looked a lot more like what I expect a high-end designer would create for the mass market. There were so many things that I was drooling over, like that purple floral dress, the button down shirt, the striped shirt and the red floral dress. I love how it’s filled with mostly separates so that buyers can construct their own idea of his vision and not have it forced upon them. Not everything was my style (I’ll leave the tattoo-print items and that strange gingham shirt to someone else) but really the only critique I had for the collection as a whole was that it lacked a bit of cohesion. He’s bouncing back and forth between a number of different themes and I wish he had stuck to his edgier pieces and ignored his strange urge to do the random jersey basics. One of my main issues with the Posen line was the pricing, which I can’t judge yet since it isn’t fully available. However, considering the few numbers I’ve seen from write-ups, the collection seems to be back in line with what consumers are expecting (except, of course, the leather jackets which run about $200…but, hey, they’re leather jackets after all).  Although what irked me about that was the higher prices weren’t justified by the design and at least here there are some interesting things like the dress that’s paired with the eyes Tshirt which has amazing detailing and that beautiful trench (which is quoted as being $60, which I think is beyond reasonable). What matters is that these pieces inspire me to get to the store, despite the weird styling (if you want a better look at some of the pieces, check out page 208 of the current issue of Elle). It’s full of things that I look at and want now. So, come March 7th when the collection hits stores, I’m probably going to have to give in yet again. The only question is…what do I want to get?

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