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Commercials, Beer, Nachos…Sans Superbowl

February 8, 2010

I don’t own a TV, but that didn’t stop me from eating nachos, drinking beer and watching Superbowl commercials online tonight.

My favorite is definitely this one for Google. I just have to say that I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife tonight, but this commercial pulled at my heart a hundred times more than that movie.

It’s so rare that marketing is that effective, so it’s always nice to see it done right. The funny award goes to Bud Light’s autotune commercial. It gets extra points for getting T Pain to make fun of himself.

For cutest commercial, I thoroughly enjoyed the one with all the toys, although I couldn’t tell you how it sells cars.

Honorable mention goes to this Intel commercial, mainly because it involves a robot.

The Inevitable Annoying Sexist Ad goes to Flo Tv:

And I won’t even get near commentary on the anti-abortion commercial. I just wish that Planned Parenthood had enough money to air their response, which I thought was both tasteful and powerful.

But to end it on a lighter note, I thought this Audi commercial was clever, but I’m tired of the whole Green Marketing scheme.

That’s all for now, sports fans.

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