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Audrey Monroe is featured in em Mag

April 1, 2010

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to em Mag for featuring Audrey Monroe in their latest issue. Here’s the article:

I don’t know why the quality went down so much, but this is the text:

Fashion. Art. Food. Social issues. Celeste Kaufman’s blog, “Audrey Monroe,” is the college-girl-in-the-city version of Vogue. Kaufman reviews everything from recent reads (“Rant: Chuck Palahniuk’s Latest Makes Me Do Exactly That”) to up-and-coming musicians (“Garfunkel and Oates Give Jermaine and Bret a Run For Their Money”). She gives tips on how to dress for job interviews and how to DIY anything from shirts to spa products. There’s even a detailed history on cute rain boots and the science behind being a shopaholic. If only Carrie Bradshaw had been this insightful! Head over to “Audrey Monroe” for funny, irreverent and smart reads on anything and everything a city girl could fathom caring about.

And if you’re curious, my picture’s the one at the top. Thanks again to em Mag!

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