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What’s Happening With New York Fashion Week?

April 30, 2010

Within the past two days, two huge pieces of news concerning New York Fashion week broke:

First, Fern Mallis (who is essentially responsible for creating Fashion Week as we know it) announced she’s leaving her position as head of IMG to open her own consulting firm. Now, IMG is releasing information about moving the shows to Lincoln Center.

No Fern Mallis and no Bryant Park? Is anyone else feeling a little uneasy?

Fashion Week has been a bit tense for a couple of seasons now, what with designers not being able to afford to show their collections and the front row upheaval of bloggers sitting side-by-side with “real” fashion journalists, so maybe it’s time for a reboot. Especially in the Fall, designers have been showing the desire to do something a bit different lately by hosting parties or unusual displays instead of traditional runways. Who knows if the decisions have been financial or creative, but what can’t be argued is things are changing. For an industry based in creativity, perhaps this is a good and natural thing. But, the thing is, Fashion Week is an institution, and it’s difficult to accept that from here on out it’ll be different from how I’ve grown up knowing it.

I would be interested in hearing why they’re changing the location, and what they think will improve at Lincoln Center. According to Fashionista, these are the main features of the new location:

  • The shows will be held September 9 to 16.
  • There will be a roomy lobby for press and buyers to putz around in.
  • They’ve dedicated space for video installations and other “alternative” presentations, as well as an outdoor space.
  • Along with three runways, there will also be a room for live presentations and press conferences.
  • Free Wifi for everyone! For iPhone users, that means no more dealing with AT&T’s terrible service when trying to check your email.

So…why the change? It sounds pretty much the same to me.

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