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And Now, A Brief Note About Earrings

May 14, 2010

When it comes to earrings, I am a little bit of a weirdo.  I have 7 piercings, yet  change my earrings maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I love earrings, but for some reason they’ve fallen so far down the line of things I consider when creating an outfit that I tend to stick to a set and leave them there. It doesn’t help (or hurt) that what I have in now matches with everything! But today I came across two earring jewelers that make such interesting pieces that I’m starting to consider switching it up a little. Usually, I keep my jewelry pretty delicate, but these pieces are out there and fun and I kind of can’t help but love them.

The first is just an individual vintage pair on Etsy, so while a bunch of people can’t all up and buy them, I’m sure there are similar designs out there, and they do give me some ideas for DIY. I’m a huge fan of exposed zippers, and how they’re making their way into jewelry, shoes and accessories as well. I love the shape they make here, and how that keeps them feminine, and even dainty, despite their connotation with a harder edge.

The other is an actual jewelry seller, so shop away! I am a bit in love with Owlita, which is just so cool it hurts. They sell these huge, awesomely bright feather earrings that would instantaneously turn their wearer into an It Girl. Can’t you see Natasha Khan wearing them (if she doesn’t already own a million pairs)? As an added bonus, you can also download a mixtape they made from their sit, because they’re super hip.

As can be expected, they’re a bit expensive, but maybe one day. For now Craftzine has a pretty sweet tutorial on how to make your own feather earrings.

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