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Trend Report From Paris

June 17, 2010

I just got back from spending two weeks in Paris. As I’ve been slowly but surely getting my life back in order I’ve been fondly thinking of the adventures, the food, the long strolls, but you know what has been sticking with me the most? The fashion, bien sur. It’s not just a myth that the French have great style. Everywhere I went I felt like I had accidentally crashed a photo shoot! So, I kept mental notes of the trends I kept running into again and again to see if I could tap into that je ne sais quoi when I returned. These were the elements that stood out the most to me, and I managed to find them at stores state-side for reasonable prices.

A Straw Fedora

It seemed like every fashionista I ran into had one of these. It’s a perfect way to wear a hat in the summer. The shape is classically stylish, and the material keeps it cool for the warm weather. Most of the ones they were wearing had a black belt, but I love this Americana take on the trend by True Religion.  Wear it with a pretty floral dress, or a striped tee and cuffed denim shorts.

A Lightweight Button-Down With Rolled Up Sleeves

I fell in love with this cool, casual look. JCrew has a ton of options to bring it home, like this boyish striped version.  Pair it with a cami underneath. Button it and tuck it into denim shorts, or keep it open to show off some long necklaces.

Tapered Trousers

A crisp, tapered trouser that hits at the ankle is so chic and can easily adapt to your personal style. They were favoring the bit of roominess at the top as opposed to a straight-legged look. It’s no surprise that Topshop is unafraid of this European bent, like with these jersey trousers.  Make sure the outfit is balanced with a form-fitting shirt.

Harem Pants

The trend that definitely struck me the most was just how many girls I saw actually being able to pull of harem pants. It was so effortless, like they were the French’s answer to leggings for a casual day. I thought that maybe since I was in Paris I, too, would have this magical ability, but I still looked like I was wearing a droopy diaper. If you’re feeling bold, turn to Topshop again. They have a wide selection. Just like with the trousers, proportion is key here. Any shirt you pair it with should definitely be a slim fit.

Plain Black Brogues

Girls are going gaga over brogues in the States too, but while we’re rocking the colors, they’re sticking with the all-black styles. Wear them as you would a ballet flat. My favorite look was to match them with black tights and pretty floral dresses. I found this great pair at Urban Outfitters.

So, if you’re looking to infuse a little Parisian ‘tude into your style, those are some basics to get you started. Now, if someone could tell me where I could get a croissant like theirs we’d be even.

This post will also be featured soon on Ask A Stylist’s blog!

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