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This Year at the SOWA Open Market

June 21, 2010

Yesterday I took a trip to the newly reopened SOWA Open Market to see what’s what. I posted about my trip last time, but apparently never transferred it to WordPress so you can read it here if you so please. The SOWA (or “South of Washington Street” – yeah I don’t know when Boston started using acronyms either) Market is part crafts fair, part flea market and part farmers’ market. Open every Sunday from June through October, it’s a must for every artfully-inclined Bostonian. (Only, uh, don’t trust their directions on the site. That bus stop doesn’t exist, and the stop that comes closest is only part of the return route. My blind trust got me lost in Southie which was, needless to say, not a pleasant experience.) It seems to have shrunk since my last visit, but there were still plenty of good finds. There is a much stronger focus on jewelry this year, and it was interesting to note how the trends seem to be turning to much tougher pieces that really spoke to me. These were my favorite stalls, but if you go don’t forget to look inside where the vintage sellers put up shop!

I loved the fantastical designs of Never More by Daylynn Richards, especially the pieces created around deconstructed vintage pocket watches. There are also some fun nods to Alice in Wonderland as well as a selection of jewelry made from old keys. Even though most of her stuff is based on found objects, everything has a distinctly modern edge.

One of the few non-jewelry stands that really caught my eye was F. Rock Sustainable Carryalls. Her handmade bags are meant to be worn by men, but I found the masculine touch appealing too! I say any girl looking to add a bit of boyish charm to her look could rock these bags.  The fabrics she uses are particularly impressive. Everything is recycled from old clothing and bags so the cloth is nice and worn and the leather is buttery and smooth. The design is both practical and stylish. They would make great work bags, but would also add a touch of chicness to any everyday look.  Custom-work is her specialty, too, so there is the added bonus that your bag could be one-of-a-kind!

Sophie Hughes‘ jewelry is like bringing a doodle to life through metalwork. I thought the contrast between the playful design and hard-as-nails medium was brilliant. Her pieces are a bit pricey, but their uniqueness makes them worth it. These are truly statement-making works of art.

Another cute accessories stand was Shara Porter. She finds vintage leather pieces like purses, wallets and business card holders and upgrades them with a fun animal print.  I was particularly a fan of her hedgehog series, but she also had other fun ones like dinosaurs, cats and gerbils.

Last, but not least, is a very interesting jewelry line called Filomena Demarco Jewelry. I thought she mixed industrial innovation with classical design beautifully. While some pieces had a globe resembling an atom, reminding me of the modern nuclear age, others looked straight up prehistoric, like they had been molded out of cooling lava. Even though it may not be the most cohesive collection, it is definitely an enticing one.

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  1. July 3, 2010 4:12 am

    hey, thanks for the kind words about my work! i’m so glad you like it 🙂
    your blog is really great/cute!

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