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Test Kitchen: Popsicles, Part One

July 5, 2010

As you will see below, I’m on a mission to test out popsicle recipes with my sweet popsicle molds I scored at a dollar store. Note: I sized down each recipe to make only two pop’s worth. Today’s recipes: Grapefruit Lime Cilantro Pops from Chow Mama, and Mojito Pops from Erin Cooks.

1. Grapefruit Lime Cilantro Pops

I got about halfway through this pop for curiosity’s sake, but that’s how far I could get. The taste combination was indeed interesting, but it was an odd blend to be met with when turning to a popsicle for a treat. The biggest hindrance for me though was its extreme tartness. I’m not a huge fan of tartness in general, but this was a bit overwhelming and definitely stopped it from being refreshing, as a popsicle should be. If I were to try this again, I might add more sugar or cut the grapefruit juice in half and substitute the rest with water or seltzer. I’m just not sure I’m ready for a savory popsicle, but I didn’t want to let the recipe go. I immediately started thinking of alternative ways to use this, and thought it would probably be fun to freeze in ice cube trays and use them for summery drinks.

2. Mojito Pops

The mojito pops, on the other hand, were a huge hit. I was mad that I only made two at a time, and kept on having to remind myself that I was saving the other for my dad to keep myself from having the other one right away. It was delicious, refreshing, and really fun to eat. I actually doubled the amount of rum I put in from the recipe (to a whopping 2 tablespoons, wooaahh) and I definitely suggest doing the same. When I tasted the unfrozen mixture, I wasn’t sure if even that would be enough because it still mostly tasted like a lemon-lime popsicle, but something happened in the freezing process to really bring out the rum and mint. All the ingredients were nicely balanced to create what really did taste like a cocktail on a stick. The recipe says to let them freeze for 12 hours, but when I checked on them five hours later they were perfectly ready to eat.

On a broader note, I can’t stress enough how fun it is to make popsicles. I just found my new favorite summer past-time.

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