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Obsessed: Canvas and Leather Satchels

August 2, 2010

Anyone who cares about fashion tends to fall into a niche. You have the girls who are crazy about jewelry, or designer jeans, or purses. One look at my wardrobe and it’s pretty clear that I’m a Shoe Person.

And a dress person.

…and a jacket person…

…and a scarf person…

But rarely do I care about purses. Sure, I appreciate them. What girl in her right mind wouldn’t enjoy a nice new bag? I just tend not to really go out shopping for them unless my old ones are falling apart. I have the kinds that I need (a larger everyday bag, a smaller one, a going out purse and a tote) but I don’t buy in excess like with those other things. In fact, I’ve only actually bought one bag in the past two years and it was $11. I scored my everyday one for free at a swap in Brooklyn last summer (and it’s Tommy Hilfiger thankyouverymuch) and got my fancier purse as a gift at the end of an internship.

However, in the past few days, something has seriously changed. I have become a Woman Obsessed…with a bag. I’ve been gravitating towards a certain style of bag in the past few months but have never given in to buying one because they weren’t quite right. And then I was at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday and I found the dream bag I’ve been imagining this whole time. It was Dooney and Bourke (which was surprising because I hate those freaking nylon bags of theirs that everyone is wearing), navy blue canvas with brown leather buckles. I’m not bag savvy enough to accurately describe it, but it was a messenger-y, carrier-y, satchel-y bag and it was perfect. I literally have not been able to get it out of my mind since then. I’ve spent the past 48 hours thinking about a bag and I’m just not sure who I am anymore!

The worst part is that it wasn’t, as designer bags go, extravagantly priced. I think it was $150 and could probably be haggled down a little. So, unlike some $890 bag from Saks, I could maybe, just maybe afford this. But I know I shouldn’t. I must stay strong, but it’s driving me crazy!

I scoured the Interwebs trying to find this magic bag but I couldn’t. These are some similar styles to gaze at in the meantime.

From Etsy.

Dooney and Bourke, close but no cigar.

Dooney and Bourke, another tease.

Oasis, which is frustratingly close. The bag had that same enclosure.

Betty Jackson.

Sigh. The world is a cruel, cruel place.

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