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Fall Wishlist

August 7, 2010

I may not be in school anymore (eep!) but that hasn’t stopped me from getting that back-to-school urge for a new wardrobe as summer draws to an end.  It probably has something to do with the stack of September issues on my nightstand. I was a little surprised to see that my wishlist this year is rather sparse. I’ve been lucking out with shopping lately (I even finally found a pair of charcoal wool trousers that fit me right) so there aren’t too many gaps between my dream closet and my actual one. It looks like I’m craving some sophistication this Fall as my wardrobe catches up with my new adult lifestyle.

First up, a sharp black blazer, like this one from Elizabeth and James. I love jackets, so I don’t know how I’m still missing one. I’d wear it with a tee and jeans, over dresses, with boots, heels, brogues, with anything to anyplace, any time. Seriously, why don’t I have one?

Another staple that I’m missing is the black pencil skirt. I have one in fuchsia and purple but not black, because I’m silly. I like how this one, from Tory Burch, has the studded waistline and some fullness to give it a little bit less of a corporate look.

I’m also severely lacking in a good selection of cozy knits. Since I can’t afford cashmere (like this awesome sweater from Juicy Couture) I’ve always found sweater shopping to be a pain. They don’t fit well, are usually unflatteringly bulky, and the fabric can get really gross. I want some nice, soft, comfy sweaters that don’t make me look like a marshmallow. Is that too much to ask?

A chic riding boot has been on my list for Fall since, well, ever. I think this might be my big treat to myself, if I can find a pair that isn’t outrageously expensive. My boots are so obviously cheap and are falling apart, so they always feel juvenile. If maturity is what I’m aiming for, then it’s about damn time. (Note: These Sartore boots, at $995, are still just a wee bit out of my price range but, good God are they perfect.)

I’ve been flip-flopping about booties for the past few years, worried that they’d make me look squat, but I think I’ve finally come over to the dark side. I’ll wear them with jeans and black tights to make sure the line is elongated. My one caveat though is that they have to be suede. Who knows why. These Prada booties make my heart stop.

Last but not least, I’ve been really wanting a big, chunky watch with a leather band. I have a pretty silver one that I wear every day, but I would love something that’s a bit more androgynous. I think it would just go so well with those cozy sweaters, if I ever find them. I went to one of my favorite stores, My Dad’s Closet, and will be swiping this little number the next time I go home.

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