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Take a Deep Breath, It’s Fashion’s Night Out

September 8, 2010

I have been attempting to make sense of the 1000+ event listings for the 2nd annual Fashion’s Night Out for weeks now. With the extravaganza only two days away, I figured it’s about time I try and sort out an itinerary and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with. I decided to focus on SoHo, which I figured would have a good concentration of events and not be quite as manic as midtown. The options did not disappoint. I’ve managed to come up with ten events that involve cool celebrities, fun activities, and (here’s the most important part) plenty of free services, goodies, and tons and tons of complimentary alcohol.

1. Chanel: 139 Spring St

I’m not sure how involved I’ll be in this one. I was attracted to the free manicures with limited edition shades of Chanel nail polish, but this will probably be swamped. What’ll likely happen is I’ll swoop through, feel poor, and leave after a few minutes.

2. Express: 584 Broadway

There’s a lot of appeal here. Along with the free ice cream and beverages, I am all about the free tarot card readings. If I didn’t get a manicure at Chanel, they’ll also be offering hot pink ones here. The wording of the event is a little unclear, but it’s possible that Jessica Stam will be DJing the event, and she’s awesome. (If I read that wrong, then they’ll just be playing her songs. But is she even a singer? I’m just going to go with the hope that she’ll be there.)

3. Kate Spade: 454 Broome St

I couldn’t care less for Kate Spade, but I could care a whole freaking lot about Tim Gunn. He’ll be judging a window styling contest and signing books. I’ll probably gawk at him from afar, but might be drunk enough at this point to approach him. I read in some description that the first however-many-guests will receive a free copy of his book, but it doesn’t mention that on the official site so who knows. They do say something about a complimentary makeup bag, but I couldn’t tell if that’s just for visiting or with purchase.

4. Korres: 110 Wooster

This place has a funny concept of making cocktails filled with antioxidants. Looks like there will be an open bar serving drinks and cupcakes, as well as people giving makeovers. All guests will get gift bags filled with eco-friendly makeup.

5. MAC: 113 Spring

At 8, I’ll be heading over to M.A.C for Sarah Silverman’s stand-up. Again, I read elsewhere that there’s some way to get a free copy of her book, but nothing’s mentioned on the official site.

6. Maria Bonita: 12 Prince

After battling the crowds, I’ll rejuvenate at Maria Bonita, where guests can choose one complimentary service from facials, hairstyling, manicures and aroma therapy sessions. Cocktails will be served, and gift bags will be handed out. It says that reservations are recommended, though, so not sure if I’ll actually be able to partake.

7. Pleats Please Issey Miyake: 128 Wooster

Another place to score free cocktails and dessert. I was mostly intrigued by learning how to wear a scarf 100 ways and the supposed gift bag.

8. Rag & Bone and 3.1 Phillip Lim: 119 Mercer

I’m not exactly sure what’s in store here, but when two of the coolest labels are cohosting a block party, I know I need to go. Looks like there will be food available (but I can’t tell if it’s free) as well as a DJ and makeovers by Revlon.

9. Ralph Lauren: 370 W. Broadway

The most fabulous character in the industry, Andre Leon Talley, will be hosting the party at Ralph Lauren. Jessica Alba will be there too, apparently. While a glimpse of Andre would be enough to bring me here, there will also be a Janelle Monae concert at 8, which I just realized is the same time as the Sarah Silverman stand-up…hmm…dilemma…

10. Teen Vogue’s Block Party: Bleecker between Perry and W. 4th

Even though this may be the least hip event on the list, I’m actually most excited for this one. There’s a fashion show at 7, and then from 8-11 there will be tons of treats, giveaways and DIY activities including a free T-shirt (that’s actually cute, unlike most other free tees, you can see it about halfway down on this site) and a canvas tote that you can decorate with the girl from P.S I Made This. It sounds like they’re keeping a lot of the fun under wraps, so I’m intrigued, even if it means I could potentially be spending most of my evening with superrich Manhattan teens.

Whew, I cannot wait! Now, I just need to figure out what the hell I’m going to wear…

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