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Spring at Armani

September 28, 2010

So, I know I’ve been failing at updating about anything Fahion Week related, but I swear I’ve been paying attention. (I even got to go to a show here in New York, look!) The truth is, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. For the first time in a long time, I have been loving almost every show I’ve seen coverage of.  I wouldn’t call it the most innovative season, but it is for sure the most wearable, at least for my style.I’ve especially been loving the Milan shows, which usually is my third favorite Fashion Week.  Designers have been showing beautiful clothes left and right, but I had to take a moment and comment on the deliciously moody ambiance of the Giorgio Armani collection. His palette of blues felt more suited for Fall, but I wouldn’t mind wearing his dreamscape clothes any time of year.

My friends can attest to the fact that I rarely ever wear pants, even in the dead of winter, so I’m shocked to find myself drawn again and again to how designers are showing pants for both this season and in the Fall shows. I am loving this new/old shape. I think it has the same glamor and drama as a dress, with the utility and comfort of a trouser. Simply breathtaking!

All photos of from, bien sur.

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