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Knittink’s Amigurumi Pattern Maker Falls Short

October 5, 2010

When I read about Knittink’s Amigurumi pattern maker on Craft, I got really excited. This custom pattern maker, where you adjust the picture to what you’d like to make, is a great idea, but it ultimately falls short of what it promises. Sometimes, finding the pattern you’re looking for is a pain, and it would definitely be fun to create weird, unique creatures. This just isn’t the tool to do it.

The figure that you manipulate to create a pattern is very limited. You can shorten, lengthen, or widen the ears, head, body, arms and legs but there really isn’t a whole lot of variety there to choose from.

The most recognizable creature I could create after a few minutes of fiddling was something kind of resembling a rabbit. A pretty demented one at that.

Then, to top it all off, when I clicked to generate the pattern, it was just… off. Judging from the name of the site, this person is a knitter, and it shows. The crochet jargon was either missing (a magic circle turned into: “Begin crocheting in the round over an adjustable loop and then pull the loop tight so that there’s no hole in the center = 7 st in round.”) or confused with knitting language, (i.e “Cast on 7 stitches”) or even, uh, just referred to as knitting (“Make two. Stuff with cotton wool while knitting and attach to the body detail with invisible seams.”).  Also, the head, neck and body were all crocheted as one piece. That is rarely done, if ever, in crochet, and while I have actually preferred the more seamless look of the one project I did do where this was the case, it’s off-putting that this person so clearly knows little about the craft.

I think this has the potential to be a really great tool, but it isn’t there yet. Amigurumi is usually made up of only a few simple shapes, so it is definitely possible to create a generator like this, but it needs to have much more ability to be manipulated into different shapes and sizes. And the crochet pattern needs to actually read like a crochet pattern. Humph.

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  1. July 7, 2011 2:27 am

    I totally agree with you. There’s no instructions, and now that they changed it, it’s even more convoluted.

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