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Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

October 25, 2010


If you’re feeling nostalgic, or simply looking for a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth, take a trip to DUMBO and visit Dewey’s Candy. Fashioned after the candy stores of yesteryear, Dewey’s sells candy of all sorts by the pound at $11 a pound. It also has tables of individually priced candies like chocolate bars or saltwater taffies. There are sections dedicated to gummies, hard candies, sugar-free sweets and chocolates that you scoop into a bag or a special gift container. Almost all of the classics are covered like Swedish Fish, licorice, jelly beans, chocolate covered raisins, Sno-caps and Jawbreakers, and there were a few new things that I discovered like chocolate covered gummy bears (which I was too afraid to try) and chocolate covered cookie dough (which I wasn’t). If I could, I would’ve sampled everything in the store, but it’s kind of shocking how quickly little candies can add up, which brings me to my main complaint. I wish that there was a scale available in the front of the store so you can track how much you’re gathering. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and overloaded but, hey, maybe that’s the point. That being said, I’m pretty proud of myself for my restraint. I will definitely be going back to experience it again and pick out some new things!

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