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Would You Wear Orange?

October 27, 2010

I mentioned at some point during my Fashion Month posts that I had been noticing a lot of orange on the runways this season. It’s probably the most shocking color trend in recent history. Really, who saw that coming? But there’s no denying it; orange was everywhere. It was even popping up in the makeup with bright orange lip color accompanying twelve shows.

I can’t think of any more difficult color to wear. I’ve even found myself nervous about the trend months before it’s set to hit the stores I actually shop in. I wasn’t even a fan when I noticed CB2 had picked it up as one of its season’s colors (whodathunk they’d be trendsetters in the fashion world). ¬†Nonetheless, we’re bound to be seeing a lot of the unrhymable shade come Spring. The only question is, are people actually going to wear it? (And, yes, I did just make up the word “unrhymable.” What of it?)

Orange AND mustard at Tory Burch. She is a brave woman.

Marc by Marc

Chris Benz

Carlos Miele, who also showed a lot of yellow...will it be the season of citrus?


Erin Fetherson (P.S If those bejeweled animal purses are back, I'm going to kill myself. Just as a head's up.)

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