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“I Want Lanvin, Not Flowers” = My New Motto

November 2, 2010

It’s here.

Election day? No, move over, you silly institution.

I’m talking about the first full preview of the Lanvin collection for H&M! The all-inclusive collection, ranging from dresses to necklaces, is pitch-perfect. While many designer collaborations tend to lose a bit of their iconic design in their attempt to pander to Middle America, I could still see Lanvin in every piece of this collection. Everything had just the right touch of high fashion while still being wearable for the average H&M customer. So, I am now officially counting down the days until November 23rd when it’s released in stores. But, before I share my top picks, take a look at the video, because it’s delightfully strange.

Some of the more standout pieces were the coats:

While I'm usually not one for animal prints, I think I need this.

I love the tailoring here, and those buttons are amazing. I feel like this could've gone down the runway.

I also enjoyed that he included accessories as well.

So chic.

I love the statement necklace.

Then, of course, there were the dresses … so many beautiful dresses.

How much fun is this? I'd twirl the skirt all day long. I just wish it was actually strapless instead of having that weird nude tank top part.

This is such a perfect translation of Lanvin's aesthetic for the mass market. Love it.

But the piece I can’t wait to get my hands on most?

This dress. It's stunning, and definitely the most wearable while still screaming high fashion and Lanvin.

You can see the full collection here at Fashionista.

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