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Best of the Boston Bizaar Bizarre

December 11, 2010

It’s that time of year again. Some of you may call it the holidays. I call it craft fair season. Last weekend, I just so happened to be back in Boston the weekend of the Bizaar Bizarre, one of my favorite new holiday traditions. With so many vendors to browse through, I did the work of bringing you my top ten favorites this year’s fair had to offer. (It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!)








I’ve seen Erin A. Ellis’ Chubbikins at a bunch of other Boston craft fairs before, but that doesn’t mean that seeing them again was any less delightful. They’re just so silly and fun, and she seems to have branched out more with her designs. I love her funny takes on recognizable creatures, like the sasquatch and koala seen here, along with her usual strictly fantastical creations. Many of them have cute little emroidered extras on them too, like a bone on the dog Chubbikin, or a bee on the bear one. She has some holiday offerings, like a Rudolph, Yeti and penguin, as well as a few ornaments. Any of these would make a great stocking stuffer.









It was hard to choose just two of SepiaLepus‘ prints to showcase here because they all make me so happy. The only reason I was able to narrow it down to these two was because their color palettes go together nicely.  Her work is the definition of whimsy, and she always has a touch of humor thrown in. Any of these would be perfect for a kid’s room, but as I insisted to my friends, I think they’d be right at home in an adult’s apartment too.









I’ve never spent as much time looking around the products of a soap booth as I did at Volta Organics. They have beautiful things, and you can tell just by looking at them that they’re made of the finest ingredients. They make the kind of soap that is so pretty to look at you just kind of want to eat it like candy. (Or am I the only one that tends to get that urge when they look at nicely made soaps?) Their soaps all had an interesting combination of ingredients and were made with a particular type of person in mind, like the gardener there on the left which is lemon eucalyptus, rose geranium and cedarwood. They also had a number of other interesting products which I didn’t see much of on their site, like face powders and mists (which can be found online), steaming powders, mustache wax and lip balms. Their prices are very reasonable too.












Here’s the thing. Even though I can confirm that I do not know the people behind Survive Designs now that I have met them, I still have the feeling that I am the person they had in mind when designing everything that they do. They have a few variations of their themes of robots, owls, bunnies and bikes in different styles of bags and a variety of color combinations, and every single one of them is the best. That’s really all there is to say about them. (Oh, except that their materials are organically grown with low-impact dye and ethical fair-trade and blah blah blah so really, what’s not to love?)










I am in love with Flowers in May‘s prints. So in love, in fact, that I think this may be the second time I’m writing about them, but I’m too lazy to check. She takes everything that’s great in the world (like baking and Paris, for example) and makes it even better by packing the essence of their awesomeness into these perfectly arranged posters with the most pleasing colors you ever did see. If I could, I’d have all seven of them, plus her robot one.








I’ve swooned at Fig & Ginger’s jewelry at a few other fairs before, and they continue to be one of the most pleasing booths of the day. Their jewelry is near perfect, with an excellent balance between delicate and edgy, cutesy and refined. Their bird series is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s difficult not to smile at their collection.

I am a little upset with Migration Goods. First, they didn’t have a business card, so I had to search really hard to try and find them online. (Thank god I remembered the wonderful name for these cute little things on the left: Nesting Pudgy Bears.) Then, when I finally got to their site, they didn’t have the things that so attracted me to them in the first place (besides the nesting pudgy bears, of course). They were a half-booth filled with silly things things that I couldn’t help coming back to again and again. I stood there wracking my brain for someone for whom a felted buttered toast pin with a smiley face would make a good present. Or a grumpy felted rain cloud pin, or perhaps a pudgy bear. I ended up walking away without any of their goods, but I’m still smiling at those toast pins. If only they had a picture of them to share…










Meow Meow Tweet Tweet had, along with a great name, more of those soaps that made me want to eat them like candy. But what really attracted me was their packaging. Look at those beautiful labels! Whodathunk you’d ever be able to get a soap and artwork two-for-one. They also had some great scent combinations, like cinnamon coffee and grapefruit mint.








Alli Coate has a wonderful collection of prints that I think especially come alive when she shows them on these cute retro clutches. I also love them on pillows.

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