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Obsessed: Maxi Skirts and Dresses

December 17, 2010

Currently, I can’t get enough of maxi skirts and dresses. It was renewed when I was considering what dress I wanted for the holidays. Unexpectedly, I ended up only having one criteria: it had to be a maxi dress. I couldn’t shake it. It was the only thing I’d settle for. I ended up getting a really lovely one that could be right out of a movie from the thirties. But it didn’t satisfy the need. I’m finding myself wanting more. I need to stockpile on maxi everything.

It started three years ago, when I got my first (and, up until a few weeks ago, only) maxi dress. It was one of those rare dressing room moments when you look at the mirror and you actually feel really good about yourself. I couldn’t believe I was still looking at my reflection. It was a simple, cheap, cotton dress, but it somehow transformed me into a much more mature, elegant, chic woman. It never fails to get me compliments from strangers every time I wear it. Women have leaned out of their cars at stop signs to ask me where I bought it. It’s just that kind of dress.

So, with that first experience, why don’t I have a huge collection of maxi dresses? I wish I could tell you. Somehow, I just kept thinking, “Well, I already have a maxi dress. Why would I need another one?” Thankfully, I came to my senses. (What fashionable lady needs only one of something? Puhlease.) What I love about them, along with that magical ability to instantly transform a girl into a glamazon (just try to walk across the room and feel the fabric swishing between your ankles and not feel like a million bucks), is that they’re just so easy. A few months ago I wrote about how I was unnervingly looking for comfort in my style, and lately I’ve been doing this weird thing where I’m dressing appropriately for the weather, and maxi skirts or dresses are the perfect match for both of these rules. I don’t have to worry about freezing to death, or pulling my skirt down, or wondering if my legs look okay, or if there’s anything weird going on with the line or silhouette. The dress takes care of all of that for you. And, like every good dress, it’s so easy to style it in different ways, from the chic  look (a tailored jacket, elegant necklace, and heels), to a boho take on it (long necklaces, a sweater, and flats), or a grunge-y nineties throwback (bomber jacket, chunky bracelets,  and boots).

So, without further ado, here is some maxi inspiration, pulled from Lookbook, to ogle:

I love the nineties feel here combined with the ultra modern wedge booties. From Constance V.

The mixing of prints is so fun, as is the slouchy feel. The accessories are perfect. From Kryz U.

The presence of the French bulldog may or may not have had something to do with me choosing this photo... But, seriously, the layering is spot-on and I love the ladylike neutral color palette. From Alexandra P.

This is a great juxtaposition of the tough leather jacket with the softness of the feminine dress. The Gothic touches make a statement without going overboard. From Niina K.

This is such a sweet, simple look. It brings me right back to walking around a garden in the summertime. From Paige A.


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