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Ow. My Heart Hurts.

January 11, 2011

I have stumbled across this adorable line of stationary by Dear Hancock (which is a great name for a stationary business).  This husband-and-wife team based out of L.A has an amazing set of cards with drool-worthy desks on them. Now, to me, a good desk is right up there with a good bookshelf, and I try very hard to keep mine looking cute and inspiring, even if I usually end up working in my bed…even though I vowed I wouldn’t now that I’m an “adult” or something. So, because of this, my desk’s cuteness tends to be lacking (I say as I glance sheepishly over to my best effort yet that still has some odds and ends splayed across its top). These little cards can make me pretend that I am just as cool as these imaginary desk-dwellers. There’s one for each type of desk, whether you use it for writing, crafting, or elaborate knick-knack display. I just wish they were bigger than A7 so I could hang one above my desk as a constant reminder of what my life could be like if I just cleared the clutter. (Because then my shabbily constructed Ikea desk would magically turn into a beautiful antique wood number, right?)

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