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All The Buildings in New York

January 19, 2011

On a similar quest as Jason Polan’s mission to draw every person in New York, illustrator James Gulliver Hancock is out to draw every building in New York and I am totally digging it. His aesthetic is just my taste, and seeing such a specific part of my beloved city showcased like this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. He appears to be drawing block by block, taking care to notice the architectural nuances that define each neighborhood, but he will occasionally throw in a sketchbook page and photograph as well. I love how even though you wouldn’t expect a static subject like buildings to necessarily be able to capture the energy of a place, he still manages to evoke the particular atmospheres of each area of the city. You can always tell what city you’re looking at, and it’s a lovely little postcard from home.

I prefer his rows of buildings like the ones above, but of course I couldn’t help to be draw to his specific studies of some of my favorite buildings in the city…

He has only been doing the project since last July, so there aren’t that many pages and his entire progress can be looked at pretty easily. If your interest is piqued, CasaSugar did an interview with him where he gave answers I was kind of hoping Jason Polan would give when I interviewed him, but didn’t.

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