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A Fashionable Year of the Rabbit

February 7, 2011

On February 3rd, the Year of the Rabbit arrived. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this is supposed to be a relatively calm year compared to the tumultuous Year of the Tiger of 2010. (Whew.) When I was younger, I was a huge rabbit fan (starting with my favorite stuffed animal named Snuggle Bunny) so while my spirit animal may be an owl these days, I was still happy to see them in the spotlight. Here’s a roundup of a few fun ways to incorporate the year of the rabbit in your life. (Click on the picture to follow through to the source.)


"Rabbit Loves Scarves" Print from Corelladesign

Lola Rose rabbit print scarf from House of Frasser


Mirror Image Rug, Rabbit from Anthropologie

Rabbit Ring from Charlotte Russe

Bunny Peep embroidery pattern from Frou Frou by HeatherSue

The adorable, creative blog Fifi Lapin

Fancy Rabbit tee


Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit mug from Cafe Press

Bitty Black Bunny from Magicbeanbuyer

Funny Bunny earrings from Urban Outfitters

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