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Are You There, Marlene Dietrich? It’s Me, Ralph Lauren.

February 18, 2011

Was Ralph Lauren’s collection ground-breaking? No. But good God did he send some gorgeous clothes down that runway. The reporter was complaining about tiring of the Asian-inspired theme being shoved down her throat, but I’m not sure where neither she nor Ralph were coming from.  Sure there were hints of chinoiserie here and there but, to me, the show screamed thirties and forties screen sirens and I was loving every minute of it. Trying to choose the highlights to post here seems like a ridiculous exercise. Really, I should just direct you to the slideshow and leave it at that. But I shall try.

Why? Why do I not have the lifestyle where I could traipse around town in dresses like these? I was born in the wrong era. And tax bracket.


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