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I’m Mad at Prada.

February 27, 2011

I have never been a huge Prada fan, but their Fall 2011 show made us officially in a fight.

I saw hints of it in other shows – a few flapper dresses at Vivienne Tam here, a few gowns at BCBG there – and I thought,  “There’s no need to get worried yet.”  But then, I saw the Prada show, and there’s no denying it anymore. The dropped-waist is back.


I just don’t think the silhouette looks flattering on anyone. The trend was indicated mostly with the placement of belts, but the illusion this made was undeniable.

Also, they sent out a whole series that looked like this:

Behold: the fish scale dress. I’m conflicted. Conceptually, it’s kind of fun to show a reaction to the prevalence of fur by getting inspiration from a new type of animal that’s pretty much the opposite of a cuddly, furry mammal. Especially since these looks immediately followed another series that looked like it was inspired by those fuzzy little bear-like things from Star Wars:


But then again, I had this visceral reaction to them where I shuddered just looking at them. I can only imagine that they feel bizarre and are totally uncomfortable. Not to mention that they are super ugly. Or, are they? I keep looking at them…and they’re starting to grow on me a little. Isn’t that darker orange one kind of pretty? STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS, PRADA.

But, the wool coats they showed were fly. I especially need this one:


Also, this one: 

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