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It’s The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

March 4, 2011

Even if you’re not particularly A Fashion Person, I’d imagine that if you’re not living under a rock that you’ve heard news of John Galliano’s arrest and subsequent dismissal from Dior for an anti-Semitic rant caught on tape in a Parisian cafe. Rumors have been flying like mad about whether or not the drama was orchestrated, who will replace Galliano at Dior, and what will happen to Galliano’s eponymous label. The John Galliano show has been canceled, and buzz swirled surrounding the Dior show that went on in Paris this afternoon. Finally, some excitement in what has thus far been a lackluster Paris Fashion Week!

Personally, this has been a very upsetting turn of events. (Yeah, I cried. WHAT OF IT?) Dior was the first designer that I ever claimed as my favorite once I started being interested in the fashion industry way back when, so I’ve always been particularly sentimental about the house, and therefore Galliano himself. Like most everyone in the fashion world, I have respected him and admired him as an artistic genius. With the memorable exception of the Spring ’11 show, I have always felt that Galliano has proved his brilliance time and time again with both the Dior collections and his couture lines. I always thought he was a little strange, and assumed he was probably at least a little bit of a prick (as I assume all designers are, with the exception of Alber Elbaz), but when the news started breaking I was incredibly shocked, deeply offended and, even though I know this has absolutely nothing to do with me, very hurt. (Especially considering that it happened in the wake of a trip to Israel.) It is a difficult realization when you discover that one of your heroes is someone you should detest.

So, while the Dior show is always one of my most anticipated shows each season, I awaited it with particularly bated breath for the past week. Well, the pictures are up and all I can say is that it was completely heartbreaking. Because it was a magnificent show. I mean, just look at the opening outfit:


It is absolutely bizarre to imagine the fashion world without Galliano in it, or to think of Dior without him at the helm. I cannot believe, whatsoever, that this is how it ended. I don’t feel right diminishing it with my little bit of commentary, so I’ll just continue on to the highlights. Do yourself a favor, though, and see the full collection here.

Obviously, Galliano couldn’t be there to do the final walk as the designer usually does. So, a touching solution was they had the team of ateliers that actually made the collection step onto the runway instead.

So, it’s the end of an era. Here’s hoping that whatever is next for Dior is a step in the right direction.

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  1. March 5, 2011 7:10 pm

    Hmm, guess I’m living under a rock then!

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