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Obsessed: Jean Jackets

March 17, 2011

I’m not really sure what prompted it, but one day a few weeks ago I woke up and I needed a jean jacket. (And, it’s not like I’m saying I can masterfully predict the trends per sé, but this happened with needing a cape early last Fall and, well, look what happened with that.) I am a lover of jackets, but the casual All-American vibe that I associated with a jean jacket never really appealed to me. At first, I couldn’t imagine many options that didn’t result in that Canadian Tuxedo look. Now, I’m imagining all sorts of ways to wear one this Spring. I’m not going to give up on my leather and bomber and motorcycle jackets (oh my!) just yet – and looking ahead to Fall, I know that I shouldn’t – but I wanted to give this style a try. If you read my Williamsburg thrift store stroll, you already know that I managed to score one for $6. Here are a few ideas I have rolling around on how to make use of it in the upcoming months.

Wear it with a floral dress.

This breezy look is such a fun way to bring boho charm into your style. Create contrast with leather or wood accessories.  (Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, the jacket is unbuttoned in these outfits.)

jean jacket dress

jean jacket dress by kissmeducky featuring a button front dress


Add softness to a masculine-inspired look.

If you’re going for a boyish style, this will create a more laid-back feel than a sharp blazer or tough leather jacket will. Wear it with a loose tee and skinny black pants with brogues.

jean jacket black pants

jean jacket black pants by kissmeducky featuring stacked heel shoes


Make a skirt even sweeter.

Try a girl-next-door-look by tucking a tee into a printed skirt with a lot of volume. Buttoning the jacket will balance out the volume of the skirt and create a more flattering silhouette.

jean jacket skirt

jean jacket skirt by kissmeducky featuring sigerson morrison shoes


Dress down a conservative outfit.

Tailored chinos is another classically American staple, but they can easily be boring. Add some flavor with pops of colors in a classic tee and pointed toe flats.

jean jacket conservative

jean jacket conservative by kissmeducky featuring pointed toe flat shoes


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