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L’art Pour L’art at Timothy K’s Showing

March 20, 2011

Tonight, I donned my cool kid clothes and went to the Vaudeville Park Gallery in Williamsburg for a viewing of Timothy K‘s collection. This young designer is known for his luxurious couture that’s over the top, yet rooted in classicism. His dresses are true works of art. While not exactly well known, you might have actually seen one of his dresses already if you saw that picture of the Lady Gaga drag queen peeing in Candy Magazine. (You know, the same magazine that put James Franco in drag on their cover. )

And, no, I don’t know how this image entered my radar and stuck there, but I do know that when I was browsing through his website I saw this and said “Oh, that dress! Cool!” *Facepalm*

Anyway, knowing that his clothes have graced drag queens, I decided to check out the party for his latest collection. I was expecting to see the whole line, but it turned out there were only two dresses on display. Waah. The teeny tiny and totally packed gallery was made up to resemble Timothy’s studio, with his sketches haphazardly taped up on the walls (which were works of art in themselves), swatches of fabric and bobbins everywhere, and a couple of wonderful antique sewing machines placed around the room. Two models stood on opposite sides of the room posing in voluminous black gowns, and a piano was being played between them. It was great to be able to see them so up close.

The designer.



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