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Humans of New York

March 23, 2011

In a similar theme as Every Person in New York and All the  Buildings in New York, Brandon Stanton is attempting to photograph all of the people in New York. (Perhaps I should create a separate blog called Every Blog About Every Thing in New York.) The results of his project, Humans of New York, are beautiful. The portraits, which have a much broader scope of subject and neighborhood than the other two sites, are works of art and, once again, are a stunning look into the life of the city. I particularly like his dedication to photographing the people of New York who usually get left out of the cultural image. It is that diversity to his work that makes Humans of New York such a  realistic portrait of what makes this city such an amazing place to live. I also think that I have a bit of a bias to him, because from what I can tell, I’m pretty sure he lives within a few blocks from me, so there is a much larger representation of my neighborhoods than I’ve seen anywhere else.

These photos are from one page, a handful of pages back. They were taken during fashion week, so there is a bit more of a focus on the fashionable and famous faces, but it still gives a nice sense of what the overall feel of his site is like.

See what I mean? Awesome. There’s also a short and sweet behind-the-scenes video of the project, which shows some great photos from a few months ago. I am noobing out on embedding it for some reason, so you can watch it here.

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