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How to Pimp Your Matza Ball Soup Mix

April 23, 2011

I’m afraid I will never out-awesome myself in the matza ball soup realm after the tears-of-happiness-inducing batch I concocted a few months ago after I roasted a kickass chicken, then made kickass broth from its carcass, and then proceeded to make matza balls to toss in there from scratch. I’m not above making matza ball soup from a box, but its simplicity calls more for an appetizer than a main dish. Sometimes, all I want for dinner is a hearty, relaxing bowl of matza ball soup, but I can’t exactly always go around making the Super Soup as I did that one time. Tonight, I came up with a nice balance that can give a mix enough oomf to grant a main course.

First, get a mix that has both a soup and matza ball packet. I prefer Manichevitz’s because the soup ends up tasting like something more than just salty water. Start the broth boiling, because it’ll take a while. Then, prepare the matza mix as described on the box. While that’s chilling in the refrigerator (ha that phrase works two ways), chop up some chicken thighs into bite sized pieces. (If you want to get really fancy, toss in some breast meat too. Or, cut up a whole cornish game hen to get the full chickeny experience.) Then, cut up some celery (2 or 3 stalks), carrots (2 or 3 peeled ones), and an onion. Now, toss in some herbs and seasonings. Surely the mix will already have enough salt in it, so I like to throw in a bit of garlic, and then chop up some parsley and dill. That should’ve taken enough time so the matza ball dough is ready by now. Form small balls (they will expand a lot) and throw them in there too.

Et voila! It’s so close to “the real thing” but so much less effort.

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