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More Proof as to Why Brooklyn is the Best Place to Live

April 29, 2011

Since Brooklyn is the capital for indie business folk and artisinal everything, it makes sense that it would also become the capital for markets. Already home to the famous Brooklyn Flea– which just opened up a Williamsburg location this year, the annual Renegade Craft Fair , the Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market, and farms on rooftops that are technically in Queens but are somehow claimed as our own, someone decided that from now on there should be a place that combines all of the above, in some funky tricked-out location of course.

Enter: Dekalb Market. It has yet to open (the closest date given is “early summer”) so the details are slim, but from the sounds of things it’s set out to be a retail/restaurant/food vendor/farm/performance space located in Downtown Brooklyn. But, the thing is, tables and booths are so passé. They’re just so Manhattan. So, at the Dekalb Market, vendors are going to be setting up shop in salvaged shipping containers. Pass me a PBR, that sounds freaking awesome.

There are only about a dozen vendors listed on their website at the moment, but they already include some BK favorites like 3rd Ward, Dalaga, Robicelli’s, and Daga Antiques. One of the major ups they have on the other markets is that they’re going to be open seven days a week. And while I’m not particularly a fan of downtown, its location could help lure more Manhattanites to Brooklyn. I can’t wait to hear how this project progresses!

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