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Christmas Morning.

May 3, 2011

The Met Gala is like Christmas coming again. The red carpet at  the Oscars may get the fame, but it’s this event that gets the fashion world particularly excited. Guests aren’t afraid to go all out and, at a celebration of the late great Alexander McQueen, they aren’t afraid to take some risks.

I’ve been peeing all over myself in anticipation for the McQueen exhibit at the Costume Institute since it was announced last Fall, and tomorrow it is finally open to the public. At least in the meantime I get to gawk at what people wore last night, even if it’s twisting the knife that I wasn’t invited. (I’m assuming mine got lost in the mail.)

At this early hour, it’s only the tabloids that have pictures posted, so it’s a bit heavy on the celebrities and light on the fashion elite who actually matter. But, they’re still fun to judge, and a few fashion folk slipped in the cracks.

I think Stella McCartney's sculptural dress is pretty cool.

Look at this cute picture of Anna Wintour and her daughter, Bee! Anna's dress doesn't look like the Chanel described in the press release, so did she change to McQueen last minute? I can't tell, and the L.A Times doesn't have fashion credits. It's a weird dress, especially for her, but I'd be happy if she did wear McQueen.

Even though Beyonce's dress is Pucci (I think), I like how it's at least McQueen-esque.

Daphne Guiness, who is the best, actually wore McQueen to the McQueen show! What a concept! She also, apparently, got dressed in the windows of Barneys...

Yes, Andre Leon Talley. Yes.

This upsets me so much. Christina Hendricks, you're my favorite, but this dress is atrocious and does absolutely nothing for you.

I knew I could count on Christina Ricci to bring some of that crazy goth look McQueen is known for! Not loving the dress, but I do love her bold, fitting choice. Also, do her and Zac Posen hang out all the time? Because I want to be a part of that.

I ache in a good way whenever I see them together.

Dear Miranda Kerr, why are you dressed like a stripper bride?

Renne Zelweger's Carolina Herrerra is gorgeous, but her back is freaking me out.

Emma Stone is one of my favorites, but while her dress is flattering the print is a bit too wallpapery (sorry, Lanvin). I love how she wore it with bright pink lipstick, though.

Besties Blake Lively and Karl Lagerfeld step out in style. I'm not a huge fan of Lively, but I think this dress is stunning.

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