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Allow Me to Introduce You to Your New Favorite Thing About Summer

May 26, 2011

Since I am generally a nocturnal person, my occasional midnight to 6am shifts are usually not a problem, as long as they catch me in the right weird-sleep phase. However, I still like to take a little nap before hand to help me push through that 5am-6am hour that’s always the toughest. Unfortunately, tonight I got caught up in a crossword from an in-flight magazine that was in my apartment for some reason and forgot to take a nap. (True story.) So, I knew I needed to concoct something to help me through the night.

I have an unpredictable relationship with coffee. Sometimes it doesn’t affect me, sometimes it affects me so much that I feel like I’m on drugs, and sometimes it just makes my tummy hurt. The last time I made myself some coffee during this shift, it was a tummy-hurting kind of night. So, I thought I’d cut it with something nicer. I’d been having a craving for coffee ice cream and got some yesterday, which reminded my of how that thing had been happening where I’d learned about affrogato for the first time and then started seeing it everywhere.

For the uninitiated, affrogato is a snazzy Italian dessert where you pour a shot of espresso (sometimes mixed with amaretto) over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s a very adult and sophisticated dessert. Mine ended up not being quite so…delicate…and the ingredients weren’t exactly correct, so I don’t think I could call what I concocted an affrogato. Let’s say it’s a kid’s version of an affrogato.

Or a grownup version of a root-beer float.

Awwwww yeaahhhhh.

(Nice picture, right? The composition is particularly professional. This was my one and only shot because I wanted to eat it before all the ice cream melted. Forgive me.)

So, what do you need to do to make one of these magical creations for yourself?

First, make a cup of coffee. Don’t put any milk or sugar in it, unless you’d prefer to go into diabetic shock immediately upon finishing the dessert.

Meanwhile, put your glass in the freezer so it gets nice and frosty.

When the coffee’s done, dish out one or two scoops of ice cream, preferably coffee, but I’m sure vanilla or chocolate would also be lovely.

Then, pour the coffee in. (If you’re not an impatient person/needing a fix immediately like me, you could also take the time to ice the coffee beforehand.)

Finally, drizzle some U-Bet chocolate syrup on top of the whole thing, just because most desserts aren’t complete without some chocolate syrup. And, yes, the U-Bet specification is necessary.

What results is a delicious coffee beverage that’s totally refreshing, and is sure to make you alert as all hell. While it lasts, the ice cream is enriched by the coffee and, when it melts, the coffee is extra tasty from all the ice-creamy goodness. Nom.

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  1. May 31, 2011 4:53 pm

    That looks delicious. Also new layout, pretty!

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