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Obsessed: Trench Coats

July 24, 2011

I’m still traveling around Central America, and it’s apparently over 100 degrees back home in New York, but I’m already starting to pass the time by thinking about my Fall wardrobe. The award for most coveted this season has to go to a trench coat. I had a black one in high school that lasted me through Freshman year of college until I totally wore it out, but I never really thought about replacing it until this summer. My collection of jackets has massively increased in the past year or so, and I guess I realized I have all the basics except for a trench, which really does suit my style oh so right.

I won’t be shopping for the classic tan trench, though. Like wrap dresses and the ability to pull off wearing anything camel, I associate tan trench coats with the maturity and adulthood that I haven’t quite yet reached. I’ll be looking for something in black, navy, or if the mood strikes me – and, let’s face it, this particular mood often strikes me – maybe some fun color like red or purple. (Do they make purple trench coats? Because that would be awesome.) Something that hits mid-thigh and has a cool detail, like funky buttons or buckles, sounds about perfect.

My current third world internet does not seem to be liking Polyvore, so you’ll just have to use your imagination when I say I’d wear it four ways:

  1. Over a girly dress to get that masculine-meets-feminine look I most like to experiment with.
  2. Over a pencil skirt for when I’m feeling a bit femme fatale.
  3. With jeans and boots (riding or motorcycle) for a casual look that’s still polished.
  4. Or with trousers and heels , if I ever need to be a grownup, for some reason.
Fantasy online shopping:

Michael Kors

J. Crew

Diane Von Furstenburg

John Galliano

Kate Spade

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