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Latin American Fashion Report: Part Two

August 4, 2011

Okay, I’m not going to sit here and say that the fashionistas of Panama City are quite on par with those of New York or Paris, but Panama City is on the brink of rivaling top global destinations in a lot of things, and I’d say that shopping could be one of them. I was surprised to walk around its neighborhoods and malls and stumble across impressively stylish stores selling covetable and affordable clothes. Here are a couple of trends that definitely stood out on the racks and sidewalks. I’ll give you a hint: color and prints.

1.  Printed Trousers

I saw this trend tentatively trying to take hold in the States right before I left, but Panamanians are bravely pushing forward with this difficult to pull off look. These kind of pants were everywhere, usually worn with a simple shirt tucked in and some embellished sandals. A long necklace or chunky bangle would perfectly complete the funky vibe.

Printed Trousers

Printed Trousers

2. Full-length Jumpsuits

There’s no denying that rompers are a huge trend right now, but their full-length counterparts are a bit more rare. In Panama, the preference leaned toward slightly loose fitting with a nipped waist in a small pattern. A more dressed up version was a sleeker fit in a neutral. Since it’s a lot of look in itself, accessories were minimal, consisting of perhaps a few thin bracelets and strappy sandals or wedges.



3. Ikat Prints

As you can see, Panamanians have a thing for prints. But there was one that stood out in particular throughout all sorts of clothing: ikat. The popularity of the classic tribal print makes sense, of course. But it still was fun to see it interpreted in their own style and sense of modernity.



Ikat by kissmeducky featuring a tube jumpsuit
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