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God Save My Shoes, Indeed.

August 15, 2011

I can’t be the only girl who has had to yield the question “What is it with girls and shoes?” from a woebegone male and immediately felt like I was entertaining a toddler.

“What is it with girls and shoes?”

“I don’t know. We just like them.”

“But, why?”

“Because they make you feel so good!”

“But, why?”

“Because they’re pretty!”

“But, why?”


I’ve always found it frustrating that I can’t quite put my fascination with shoes into more sophisticated, eloquent, and argument-winning words. Thankfully, in yet another promising addition to this string of fashionable documentaries we’ve been enjoying these past few years, God Save My Shoes may be answering that age-old question this Fall. The film will be exploring the relationship between women and their shoes from a psychological, sociological, cultural, historical, and erotic perspective by taking us around the world to get a look at the women who love them, people who study and sell them, and designers that create them. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there -not even a U.S release date – but some pretty top-notch industry names are on board, and the teasers are drool-worthy. Check out the trailer and some clips below but, beware, it’s NSFW. Some of these images are downright pornographic.

The trailer:

Manolo Blahnik’s studio:

Christian Louboutin’s studio:

Vogue’s shoe closet:

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