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Five Skirts to Wear This Fall

August 25, 2011

I love summer, but when it comes to sartorial choices, the season starts to bore me fairly quickly. Once the excitement of shedding my tights fades, being met with the same question of “Which one of my dresses will I wear today?” day in and day out gets a bit monotonous. By August, I’m looking forward to the seemingly infinite possibilities of a Fall wardrobe rooted in the principle of “mix and match.” Skirts are one of my favorite pieces for the ability to bridge the breeziness and femininity of Summer with the versatility of Fall. This season, I’ll have plenty to work with. The most fun part is, this year you don’t have to be afraid of color; there were bursts of it everywhere on the runways, especially orange, peacock blue, amethyst, and crimson. Here are the five key skirts to build your wardrobe:

1. The Pleated Skirt

I’m not talking about the Catholic Schoolgirl minis of the pre-breakdown Britney Spears era, here. These micro-pleated skirts in soft fabrics that fall to the knee are refined and adult, with a touch of retro appeal. They’re a perfect match for the ubiquitous booties and heeled Oxfords of the season, or for having some fun with experimenting with interesting hues of tights.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts by kissmeducky featuring a red pleated skirt

2. The Maxi Skirt

Maxi length anything isn’t going away any time soon (just look at the army of maxi coats that came down the Fall ’11 runways), and the maxi skirt is the perfect way to carry on the trend through Fall. Wearing them with a plain tee, jacket that hits at the hips, and wedges is an easy way to make the look more modern than 90s grunge. Hint: If any of your summer maxi dresses are solid or not in a totally sunny print, throwing a tee or sweater over them creates the same illusion without having to buy a whole different set of skirts to do the look.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts by kissmeducky featuring a long maxi skirt

3. The Peplum 

I love the cheeky look of a peplum, and this season it’s a great match for the retro references currently in trend. This is a lovely choice for the workplace, since the small detail will instantly polish your look. Add some peeptoe pumps, a short-sleeved top, and a tailored jacket to finish the style for the office.

Peplum Skirt

Peplum Skirt by kissmeducky featuring a polka dot skirt

4. Don’t Shy Away From Sheer

If you’re anything like me, you got a bit miffed when you noticed that “sheer” was starting to become a trend. It seemed like one of those things that could never be translated to the real world, at least not for the vast majority of us, but there is indeed an easy way to pull it off. Look for a maxi dress that’s sheer, but has a mini slip built in. They have that double-whammy of sexiness of being revealing, like a mini, but intriguing, like a maxi, in the same way that monokinis did for bathing suits. And if the overlay just so happens to be lace, well, that’s even better. Wear them with any type of ankle boot, tuck in a camisole, and belt a cardigan over the whole look.

Sheer Maxi Skirts

Sheer Maxi Skirts by kissmeducky featuring a sheer maxi skirt

5. The Bold Pop of Color

If you’re going for the body-conscious mini look anyway, why not really push the statement with a bright color? Use it to liven up your otherwise neutral Fall palette, or have some fun with color-blocking by pairing it with a complimentary and equally bright colored top or shoes.

Bright Minis

Bright Minis by kissmeducky featuring a short wool skirt




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