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January 10, 2012

So, even though I don’t think this is something you’re supposed to admit or acknowledge, I’m going to put it out there that I’ve been pretty blocked when it comes to post ideas lately, as you may have noticed.  But, I’m always updating Audrey Monroe’s Twitter, and now I’d like to add another way to follow me during my off-times: Pinterest. The site is my current obsession, and if you’re at all artistically inclined, I guarantee that it’ll quickly change the way you’ll see the world. Like how whenever I see a text or email I find pleasing but don’t feel like responding to and find myself immediately thinking I should “like” it, now whenever I find an image I enjoy outside of the internet, I keep wishing I could simply “pin it.” I’ve expressed my love for inspiration boards in the past, but they’re a bit time-consuming and not always practical. I’ve kept a few folders in my Pictures file for inspiring images under different themes for a few years now, but I have trouble keeping up with them, and when they’re so hidden away they tend not to quite do the job of inspiring.

Enter: Pinterest. It’s a genius concept that combines social bookmarking and mood boards into a site where you can save and organize images that you enjoy or inspire you. You can separate them into different boards or themes (mine include pictures of my dream house, fashion shots, art and design, food porn, craft inspiration, cute animals, and a space for random finds), and either gaze at a particular topic one at a time or scroll through your collection organized in a timeline. Right now I’m just using it for fun, but many have found more practical uses for it, like gathering ideas for redecorating their homes or planning their weddings.  Find your friends or personalities and websites that you admire (ahem) and follow them so you can see their pins in a collage on your homepage as a way to discover even more awesome things around the web. You can repin, like, or comment on others’ finds as well to boost the social aspect of the site. All in all, it’s a lot of fun.

Pinterest is still in beta testing and requires an invitation to join, so get yourself on the waitlist, or contact me for an invite at the link in the sidebar. And don’t forget to follow me! Here’s my profile.

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